Little AI

Discover the founding concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with this free game developed at the computer science department of the University of Lyon!

Get under the skin of a baby robot that just got switched on. How are you going to develop your own intelligence from your experience interacting with the world? Little AI will guide you through this fascinating journey. Don't worry, it starts gently!

In addition to entertaining you, Little AI will give you a glimpse into the first challenge faced by newborn babies as they learn about the world. Psychologists call it "early stage developmental learning"; roboticists call it "learning without ontological presupposition about the world".

If you are a robot designer, playing Little AI will help you understand some of the challenges involved in endowing your robot with a developmental artificial intelligence that is self-motivated and grounded in its own experience. To learn more, look at the science behind Little AI.

The web version

Figure 1: Click to play Little AI